David E. Rapach, Professor of Economics

Recent Highlights

Simon Center for Regional Forecasting 2014 Economic Growth Forecasts

I did an  interview (posted on February 9) with Michael Covel on his popular Trend Following podcast  

My paper, “Return Predictability and Dynamic Asset Allocation: How Often Should Investors Rebalance?” (co-authored with Himanshu Almadi and Anil Suri), is forthcoming in the Journal of Portfolio Management

My paper, “Forecasting the Equity Risk Premium: The Role of Technical Indicators” (co-authored with Christopher Neely, Jun Tu, and Guofu Zhou), is forthcoming in Management Science [available in Articles in Advance]

Guofu Zhou and I have a chapter on forecasting stock returns in the recently published Handbook of Economic Forecasting, Volume 2A (edited by Graham Elliott and Allan Timmermann)

Research (papers, data/program files)

ECON 312 Fall 2013 Materials

ECON 420 Fall 2013 Materials

ECON 593 Summer 2013 Materials

ECON 652 Spring 2014 Materials

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Financial Economics
Asset Pricing
Dynamic Asset Allocation
Applied Time Series Econometrics
International Finance
Monetary Economics

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