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Executive Board

SLU Habitat is run by a dedicated group of awesome people! Our Executive Board is made up of 11 students, each with a unique role. The E-board meets weekly to plan events, meetings, and fundraisers. They also chair the committees at our weekly meetings, organize our volunteers, and do a lot of behind the scenes work.

2014-2015 Executive Board

 Kendra Patton
Executive Vice PresidentJimmy Canningjcannin1@slu.edu
Vice President of Builds Trey Heffernantheffer1@slu.edu
Treasurer Rajat Duggiralarduggira@slu.edu
Vice President of Event Fundraising Desirae Rowanrowan@slu.edu
Vice President of Corporate Sponsorship Joanne Martinjmart159@slu.edu
Secretary Jenna Preslickapreslicka@slu.edu
Vice President of Advertising Catherine Larsenclarsen7@slu.edu
Vice President of Education and Advocacy Kane Laksklaks@slu.edu
Vice President of Trips Lis Hernandezhernandezl@slu.edu
Vice President of FellowshipXumei Chaneyechaney2@slu.edu