What to Expect

We look forward to welcoming NEH Summer Scholars to Saint Louis University.

 The Summer Institute is designed as serious academic inquiry into early modern world history to enrich undergraduate teaching and learning and, hopefully, also to open new avenues of research for some Scholars. It is critical, therefore, that all participants commit themselves wholeheartedly to the intellectual life of the Institute and comport themselves in a professional manner. The NEH has set guidelines for civility which can be accessed here. We expect all participants:

  • Will attend all sessions (under ordinary circumstances). (If a Summer Scholar has to depart the Institute before its completion, the NEH requires repayment of the stipend on a pro-rated basis.) 
  • Conduct themselves according to the NEH guidelines for civility.
  • Arrive at sessions on time.
  • Complete their Institute projects.
  • Work constructively and collaboratively with colleagues.

The co-directors and staff pledge to work assiduously to ensure that all NEH Summer Scholars get the most from the Institute and have all the accommodations for a comfortable stay. Please keep in mind:

  • The on-campus apartments are student dorms, not luxury hotel rooms.
  • Only official participants in the Institute may attend sessions and activities of the Institute.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns about any of these issues.