Reading List and Bibliography

Below is the list of works we will read and discuss at the Institute. Once participants are selected, we will post a zipped PDF of all the readings for participants.

 Unit One: Theories: Empires and Early Modernity

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Unit Two: Empires and Economies of Scale

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Unit Three: Religious and Biological Interactions

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Unit Four: Ideas and Connections

Extract of Two Letters from the Missionary Jesuits, concerning the Discovery of the New Philippines-Islands, with a Map of the Same, in Philosophical Transactions XXVI (London, 1708).

Gobien, Charles Le ed. Lettres Edifiantes et Curieuses Ecrites des Missions Etrangeres par quelques Missionnaires de la Compagnie de Jesus (Paris, 1707). (note map source, unit four)

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Supplemental Reading List

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