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Applied Social Psychology Lab

Overview of Lab Research 

Close Relationships

  •     Definitions and predictors of romantic infidelity
  •     Friendships with ex-romantic partners
  •     Unrequited love and friendship maintenance

Health Attitudes

  •     Health attitudes, persuasion, and behavior
  •     Mediators of the religiosity-health relationship


Eddie M. Clark, PhD, Director
  • Infidelity
  • Friendship and romantic relationship maintenance
  • Health attitudes and persuasion, culturally appropriate health communication
  • Mediators of the relationship between religiosity and health behaviors
  • Geospatial factors and health behaviors

Graduate Research Associates
Lijing (Lily) Ma
  • Self-disclosure and health
  • Cognitive dissonance and infidelity
  • Relationships and self-change
Dana Stiles

  • Long distance relationship maintenance

  • Technology usage and relationship maintenance

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Emma Flanagan

    Emma is a senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Public Health.  
    She is considering graduate school for community psychology.

Left to Right:  Lily Ma, Emma Flanagan, Dana Stiles, Eddie Clark


Modesty Tan at the Psychology Capstone Symposium, April 2018.  Modesty won the Practicum 
category (E. Clark, Faculty Supervisor).  Her poster  described her work with a lawyer who does mediation 
with divorcing couples and how it fits prior  theory and research on  close relationships and conflict resolution.


Other Collaborators
Dr. Stephanie Afful - Department of Psychology, Lindenwood University

Dr. Katrina Debnam - School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Priscilla Fernandez - Rescue:  The Behavior Change Agency

Dr. Stan Gaines - School of Social Sciences, Brunel University (United Kingdom)

Dr. Abigail Harris - Office of Sponsored Research Services, Washington University 
Dr. Jana Hackathorn - Department of Psychology, Murray State University

Dr. Michelle Hasan - School of Engineering, University of  Southern California

Dr. Cheryl Holt  - School of Public Health, University of Maryland

Dr. Jin Huang - Center of Aging and Health, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Brent Mattingly - Department of Psychology, Ursinus College
Dr. Melinda Bullock Mattingly - Department of Psychology, Temple University
Dr. Debra Oswald - Department of Psychology, Marquette University

Dr. Crystal Park - Department of Psychological Sciences, University of Connecticut
Dr. Jason Purnell - Institute for Public Health, Washington University
Dr. David Roth - Center of Aging and Health, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Emily Schulz - Department of Occupational Therapy, Northern Arizona University
Dr. Vetta Sanders Thompson - Institute for Public Health, Washington University

Dr. Katheryn Blankmeyer Votaw  - Pierre Laclede Honors College, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Dr. Min Qi Wang - School of Public Health, University of Maryland
Dr. Dan Weidler - Department of Psychology, Northern Arizona University
Dr. Beverly Rosa Williams - Birmingham Veterans Administration Medical Center

Ms. Randi M. Williams - School of Public Health, University of Maryland

Community Health Awareness, Messages, and Prevention (CHAMP) Center - University of Maryland School
        of Public Health -- https://sph.umd.edu/department/bch/lab/43501

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope took this close-up of the red planet Mars

Lab Contact Information

   Applied Social Psychology Laboratory 
   Department of Psychology
   Morrissey Hall 2305
   Saint Louis University 
   St. Louis, MO 63108
   (314) 977-2107

A true and worthy ideal frees and uplifts people;  a false ideal imprisons and lowers.
-- W. E. B. DuBois